Storytelling traditions are rooted in transporting an audience to worlds and times that are beyond the realms of our current reality. We believe that technology can amplify the impact of the change-making new musicals our artists seek to create. By democratizing these new technologies as tools of liberation, artists can craft experiences that allow an audience to step into dimensions and realms that have yet to be imagined.

Musical Theatre Factory is curious about how technology can create entry points for communities often excluded from artistic process and practice. Braiding AR and VR (augmented and virtual reality, collectively referred to as extended reality) tools of manifested imagination™ early into the developmental process allows our artists to reimagine the scope of their work as they are building, positioning the emergent XR technology as a purposeful and intentional component. Creative technologists act as technological dramaturgs and interrogate how these immersive visual and sound tools can not only enhance storytelling but create access to the possibilities of this new landscape.

Our process provides artists one-on-one support, with access to dramaturgical and technological tools to experiment, explore, and ideate. These resources empower our artists with the tools to incubate new ways of creating at any point of the developmental process, pushing the form of musical theatre beyond the stage and into dimensions previously untapped.